Periplaneta Nova

by Temples

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Recorded 7th Oct thru 9th Oct in about 10 hours at Hitsville Studios in Helsinki.


released December 10, 2011

Temples: Ville, Miina, Mikko, Tommi
Cover art: Veikko Rajanen - veikkorajanen(at)
Recording, mixing, mastering: Joonas Turner
Released through Mikrofoni -




Temples Finland

"Temples is a musical journey to the edges of the world, the dreamworld, the subconscious, life, existence, oblivion, sensitory control, concentration, reflection, enlightenment of the conscious and the realization of self."

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Track Name: Perimetr
Dead under the ground
The blind leading the blind
Behind the advancing line
The blind leaving the blind

The aspirant's dreams
Turn into nightmares
Bones ground into dust
Crushed underfoot

Left - right - left

Crows plucking out my eyes
Oblivious to my loss
Rejected messiah
Hanging helpless on your cross
Track Name: The Atheist
i. The Wanderer
Delve into your mind wondering what you'll find
A distant forlorn man, the space to understand
too far gone

ii. The Realist
Baleful stars become our creation
Swirling cosmic dust in a constant state of flux
in time

Risen from the sea only to receive
Cursed destiny as far as the I can see
too far gone

Knowledge is heavy - to realize is pain
The burden of understanding
it is a right to bear

iii. The Cynic
By proxy we live - by proxy we'll die
Nightmarish hubris, reality fiction
militant servitors uphold religion

Operated on the table - is it someone who should die?
Would it matter if it were I?

iv. The Believer
I've never before been this afraid
of the depths where monsters lie
I know we all know
of no priest to exorcise

Please god help me
O heavenly father what should I do
to make you leave me alone

v. The Atheist
Track Name: In Search of the Sun
It was in the air
They did not see, they did not hear
The sound of the trumpets
From near and afar
A lifetime of lie
Obscured by their truth
In search of the sun

No door can shut them out
No bolt can turn them back
Through the door like a snake they glide
Through the hinge like the wind they blow

Behind the veil conspire
To bring about the end
Four riders of the fall
Meet on the grassy knoll

A lifetime of lie
Consumed by their truth
In search of the sun
A wasteland of ignorance
Track Name: Attar
Sifting through your decadence
Feasting on what you might have called filth
Each day we thank you for this providence
As we crawl through the valley of your death

A crumbling concrete monument
Monolithic tombs of men
Each day we hiss a solemn requiem
Singing for a new birth for this earth

Sykkii - ei kuole
Elää - ei kuole

Brother against brother
Embrace mortality
Keeps living on and on